The moment has come and you're about to ask her or him to spend the rest of your lives together! This is a day that will change your life forever and as important as a wedding day, it is a life event to look back on and share with loved ones. 

This is where we come in! We plan with you as much as you need, from concepts and ideas, to execution in photography and/or film whilst remaining at a distance to ensure full discretion is upheld and no surprises are ruined! 

After proposal, we provide complimentary celebratory champaign with a photo/film shoot before leaving you both to enjoy the rest of your time together. 

What Is Included?

"She/He Said Yes" Portrait and/or Film Session

(Max 30min)

Proposal + Highlight Reel/Images

Custom 8gb USB + Packaging


We're Engaged!

We want to do a little something extra for our newly engaged couples and capture the beginning of your love story in a raw and authentic way. Entering into a new and exciting chapter in your relationship, we inspire to capture the beautiful intricacies that make you who you are, individually and as a couple. 

We provide a stunning couple photography session with an option to combine a cinematic 'our love story' film experience that will have you reliving this new commitment to one another over and over again. 

In our film experience we discover the moments where it all started. How did you meet? When you proposed, where you nervous - how did the moment unfold? How did you know she/he was 'The One'? All these incredible moments are worth celebrating and being held onto for generations. 

What Is Included?

Engagement Portrait and/or Film Session

(1- 2 hours)

'Our Love Story' Interview Session (Optional)

5 min 'Our Love Story' Film to be played at your ceremony/reception for your guests (Optional)

8GB USB + Packaging